Hear what our parents have to say about Faith Christian School.

Dear Pastor Carpenter,

What an educational and spiritual blessing Faith Christian School has been to my family and four children who attended Faith Christian School from grades K-8th. As one who has been a professional educator for over 43 years and seen research, methods and trends change with the times or the latest fad, the educational expectations and rigor at Faith Christian Schools have remained constant and thus have continued to offer education with a sound foundation for a variety of diverse learners. The teachers and leadership still understand that meeting the needs of the young learner starts with teaching the concepts of reading, writing, and math. When all is said and done there are no real valid short cuts to these timeless principles. As a result, most of the students who stay with experience from Pre-K – 8th grade are successful and leave Faith Christian School with a sound foundation of learning and can move forward with the confidence that they can compete and succeed anywhere. In addition to the academic side, Faith Christian School continues to provide learners with a Christian Character-based education which is founded on Biblical principles. Class instruction and chapel attendance was a positive and life-long guide for my children and now for their own children. Finally, this is the gift and learning tradition provided to those learners who attend the Faith Christian School.

For this we have been Thankful-
Mr.Raymond Broach- Retired Superintendent of Schools.

I am writing my comments regarding Faith Christian School from a grandparent’s perspective. I can do this easily because I have a grandson enrolled here (with another joining soon) and so have first-hand exposure to teachers, curriculum and administration; all of whom I hold in the highest regard. This school is a faith-based ministry of Faith Baptist Church so the children not only get a sound education that meets and/or exceeds public academic testing standards, but they learn of Jesus Christ (Praise God!). They are well-rounded and better prepared to meet the challenges they will face as they enter high school and subsequently society as adults. The school is an extension of the values and knowledge being instilled by the family at home. Being a grandparent, I have seen and experienced 3 generations of societal and educational changes and know today’s kids are at risk. Work with your kids… to send their kids… here.

Bill (Pop-Pop) Preston
February 2016

His mother and I enrolled our son at Faith Christian School ‎in 2011 as a pre-K student. His prior early childhood schooling was disappointing, to say the least. No one at his day care center (a well-known program in Hamilton, NJ) seemed to understand or bother to address his behavioral or developmental needs. 

While discussing our desire to enroll him at Faith Christian School with his Preschool program director, her retort was simple and direct: "THAT school will NOT be able to handle him".

Fast forward to spring 2015. ‎Our second-year student is excelling in all subject areas with some exception to his penmanship (cursive). His behavior has improved tremendously over the years. He is inquisitive, imaginative and developing a thoughtful and caring nature, even as he remains a normal boy of 7. He is polite and respectful of others. 

Our son is also developing spiritually, something that we as parents have endeavored to encourage. As compared to his pre-k experience, our son -- with your invaluable help -- continues to thrive in a nurturing and safe environment!

We are grateful and thankful to God that he led us into this wonderful and inclusive collaboration.  It would be difficult to imagine an acceptable alternative for our son.

‎Mr. and Mrs. William P.

I just wanted to reach out to you and the FCS staff to once again thank you for all that you do for our children. We are so blessed to have found your school. We are so happy with the way our son is progressing and how much he loves his school, his teachers and learning.

I love our school and specially our mission - Education with eternity in mind - how true. Our son has made a profession of faith. I continue to pray that as he grows older he continues to grow in the Lord and become a godly man who follows God's direction.