Excellence in Education

A Message from our Principal Jim Winkelspecht.

Overall Program

● add more electives and new specials such as: library, art, gifted and talented, remediation for our struggling students, STEAM programs, yearbook, writing, woodshop, service team projects, others

● give students opportunities to express themselves creatively while experiencing subjects that push them to be well rounded students

● enhance our science and math programs through improving technology, creating a STEM lab

● bring our 5th grade into the middle school schedule rotation



● continue to examine and be creative with our finances to continue to provide through and improve our program but also be affordable to our families

● consider rates for families with multiples to offer discounts in tuition

● consider setting up a longevity discount, so the longer students are here families will get credit

● consider recognizing students who are actively engaged in the church’s ministry for a benefit



● examine the current curriculum and build upon its strengths

● examine the current curriculum and update what is ineffective or not working

● look at test scores as part of our evaluations

● consider curriculum with online textbooks and resources to make accessing them easier



● update smart boards in classrooms to allow teachers and students to interact with information to be learned

● consider one to one Chromebooks or laptops

● more student interaction with technology to create research-based activities


Professional Development

● training our teachers with best practice techniques

● using outside workshops to help improve their confidence and skill sets

● creating opportunities in the schedule for teachers to collaborate with other teachers

● create teacher teams and Professional Learning Community groups

● consider collaboration with like-minded Christian schools


Student Development

● develop independent, creative thinkers that are lifelong learners

● prepare them spiritually, academically, emotionally, physically for the world that they will encounter past the walls of FCS

● grow like Christ...”in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man” (Luke 2:52)


Utilizing Resources

● look for volunteers to enhance current program

● develop parent groups

● reach out to local teacher prep programs

● collaborate with other local schools


2017-2018 School Year (Implemented this year)

● 4th grade Chromebooks

● Pre-K iPad cart and a cart for K-3rd grade

● completing the STEM lab for use beginning in February

● currently developing a school-wide schedule

● currently developing a teacher evaluation model

● add activities to the after-care program

● student government for 8th grade