Quality Christian education


Challenging academics, a diverse student population, extracurricular opportunities, an experienced staff and a strong biblical foundation are at the core of Faith Christian School’s mission to provide a traditional educational experience with eternity in mind.

Structured classroom environments combined with a rigorous academic curriculum, biblically based, are what set the stage for academics at Faith Christian School. Not only does reading instruction begin in Pre-K4, but we are committed to teaching reading by phonics. By the second semester of their Kindergarten year, most of our students are able to read simple sentences. While enrolled in K through 8th grade, students are taught to write in cursive, complete a basic book report, write research papers, conduct science experiments, recite Bible verses and solve math equations, including traditional math concepts, such as Pre-Algebra and Algebra. Technology is integrated into our courses through the use of computers and iPads. Foreign language instruction is offered through Rosetta Stone.

With over 50 years experience, our faculty and staff are qualified and equipped to serve the very unique needs of your child. We are committed to teaching the whole person, keeping their physical, emotional, educational and spiritual well-being in mind. It is our desire that each student reach his/her full God-given potential.

Graduates of Faith Christian School are well-rounded, enabling them to thrive in a high school of their choosing.

Faith Christian School is a member of ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International).